FFE font editor

This simple bitmap font editor makes 8x16 bitmaps to be used with Freemacs MULE, or to be loaded with the FreeDOS utility GNUCHCP for other uses.

Download (binary and FreePASCAL source).



without arguments: starts the editor.

ffe filename

starts the editor wih  loaded (if no extension is provided, .dat is assumed).

The editing of bitmaps with FFE is very simple. You can move the cursor on the grid with the arrow keys. When the editor is started, it works in SKIP mode. That means you can move the cursor on the grid without leaving any traces (you won't change any pixel). To change into WRITE mode, press "w". When in WRITE mode, the cursor will turn on pixels as it moves; if the pixels are already on, they will be left unchanged. There is also an ERASE mode; to turn into it, press"e". When the editor is in ERASE mode, the cursor will turn off pixels as it moves on them (pixels already OFF will be left unchanged). To change back to "SKIP" mode, press "s".

FFE edits the upper character set (ASCII 128 to 255) of an 8-bit font file, with each glyph having a resolution of 8x16 pixels. Those are the font files used by Freemacs MULE.

Here is the full list of the hot keys: