NSM-based Language courses

The NSM core of a language is a very small but usable subset of that language. Using only the sixty-odd words in the NSM core and their basic combinatorial patterns,

Language Courses

I will post NSM-based courses as soon as I can write them or receive them by other authors (the software needed for easy development of courses based on the same template will soon be made available under the GNU GPL). There are two versions: a printable one (for the time being, only .rtf; other formats will be added) and an interactive one, which uses dhtml and JavaScript. The printable versions will be released under the GNU FDL, while the interactive ones are GNU GPL-ed.

Available courses:

  1. Drafts, which have not yet been reviewed by a mother-tongue contributor, or some other person who knows the laguage well. Their use as a learning tool is at your own risk; they could contain errors or other factually inconsistent material. They are posted for review. If you want to contribute, you can propose your edited version of any sentence using the interactive (html) course (drafts of the html courses have an "Edit" button for each sentence). You will thus become contributor of the successive versions (interactive and printed alike). Drafts are available for the following languages:

  2. Revised versions: none available.

The software for developing similar courses will be uploaded soon, and released under a GNU-GPL licence.